Abandoned Development in Marlboro

I first noticed these houses late last year on one of my trips to the Slaughterhouse. They’re pretty much across from the Slaughterhouse, actually. There’s one small “Off Limits” sign guarding the street. Scary.

At the street’s end is a trail that I’m guessing leads to the mental hospital.

All the houses look the same and are the same boring brown color. All of them but one were boarded up. The very first one on the right is the only one you can get in; the door was wide open, and the windows hadn’t been boarded up yet. The house was in very good condition. All the rooms were empty, minus a few candy bar wrappers. Surprisingly, no beer cans either. It looked like the place was emptied out just the day before. The first floor was pretty dark, so we headed upstairs first. Both bathrooms upstairs still had carpeting, the only rooms in the house that did. The other bathroom had a calendar in it; it was on June 1996. Maybe that’s when the houses were abandoned.
We headed back to the first floor and took some pics of the kitchen. Once again, I was surprised at its condition…..looked almost new.

And finally…..the basement. I had to go down there. This was the one time I regret forgetting my flashlight. Since we’re inside an abandoned house with very little light (the front windows weren’t boarded, but the back ones were), it was dark. The basement was nearly black. I took the steps down, and suddenly BAM! I was knee-deep in ice-cold water……felt like something bit my leg off. I jumped back on the stairs and took a pic of the basement.

A bit to the side of the houses is a larger, white house with a garage behind it. The house was all boarded up. The front door had some stuff in front of it for whatever reason.

I was going to go by the Slaughterhouse and see if everything was still standing, but at this point I couldn’t feel my feet. Remember, I was soaked up to my knees from nasty water, and it was 29 degrees out. So I rung out my socks, which oddly enough smelled like Mexican food, and went home.

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  1. My family was the last to occupy #167. The house on the right. We had a basketball homemade in the front. This brought back millions of memories. The pictures took me back. The three bathrooms. I always went to my parents when you go upstairs first door on left. I was scared of the one next to the front door. Idk why. I saw them and took some pictures in 2010. I found a couple. Alot of things happened there even one of the patients running away stealing my fathers truck driving it to New Brunswick. Crazy times

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