Car in the Giant Puddle – 12/02

Here is why you should always, ALWAYS use caution when exploring off main or paved roads. On one of our trips to find the Bamber Boys’ Home (12/14) we made the mistake of not measuring the depth of a puddle on the trail. Here is the result:

Of course, if you have a truck or something that’s offroading-compatible, this probably isn’t a problem for you. Unfortunately, we’re all stuck with cars.

After watching the car fill with water for nearly an hour and failing to push it out, we found a bulldozer. There was construction going on not far from where we were stuck, and the guy came to tow the car out. We were really lucky that guy was there. If not, I’m sure Andrew’s car would still be out in the woods, in Lake Andrew. The construction guys actually told us 2 or 3 other people got stuck back there before us, and they all had trucks. They also told us “The next puddle’s bigger. 4-wheelers get stuck in that one.”

Here’s the car after being towed out (and Andrew praying or crying or something):

Here’s the backseat flooded with water……….dirty, oily water.

This was one of those things that in retrospect is very funny. But at the time it really, really sucked.

Author: Stu