Martha’s Furnace

Nov. ’04 – I removed this from the site for a while because it was rather boring. We originally went in April ’03 and figured the furnace was gone. I’ve since found out the furnace IS still there….it’s been buried. So all the info on this page is totally incorrect. The place is still rather boring, but knowing it’s still there adds a bit more interest.
I guess.

Note to any who want to go to this place………it’s not there. Nope, totally gone. Except for a fenced-in area with a depression in its center and many chunks of bog iron & slag laying around, there is nothing. The furnace is gone.

Where the furnace was…….just a crater now.

The only remains I could find inside the fence….maybe bog iron, maybe pieces of the furnace.

This tree’s across from the furnace site. How it’s still alive, I dunno.

Author: Stu