Hermann City

Originally visited 4/03
Updated 2/05 & 3/07

Hermann City was a short-lived town along the Mullica River in southern NJ. It was supposed to have been founded in 1870 and served as a glass works; unfortunately the glass works closed only 3 years later. I was told that’s when all the residents left as well, but according to some people, this was not the case. It seems they stayed around a good while afterward.
Not very much is left of the town. As with many of the other pines ghost towns on the site, it’s mostly foundations and cellar holes. There is a field where the town’s hotel once stood. The only remnants of it now are the flowers that grow every spring.

The hotel site

Ever see the movie Fallen? Right next to Hermann City is the cabin featured in the film. IMDB.com just refers to the location as “Pine Barrens.”

Author: Stu