The Capone Place 2003

Man, are there rumors about this place. Now Crystal Lake Health Care & Rehabilitation, this was the Royal Pines Hotel back in the 20’s. You used to be able to see the words “Royal Pines Hotel” on the sides of the overhang, but they had to go and paint it over last year…, of all colors!

See? Pretty letters alllllllll gone……

So why “The Capone Place?” Simple. Supposedly during The Prohibition, Al Capone spent the summer here when it was still a hotel. And this is where the rumors come in, boys & girls. There’s talk of hidden wine cellars in the building; there have been many stories, and even a few findings, of tunnels nearby. Supposedly, one led to the bottom of Crystal Lake. My uncle actually found one such tunnel right near the building back in the 60’s. At least one tunnel has been sealed shut that I know of. There are also rumors that Capone had some kind of connection with the Spanish Mansion, which is just down the road from the Hotel.

I know, not too many pics……but that’s because not just anyone can get in. A shame too, I was really hoping to see what they call “The Indian Room.” I do have one chance though; my stepmom works with a nursing company and has been called there a few times. When she gets called there again, I’m going along to get some pics of the inside.
And who knows? Maybe I’ll find some secret switch or something that moves a bookshelf that hides the entrance to the wine cellars of DOOM.

Author: Stu