Old House Near Ocean County College

A coworker told me about this place about a month ago. He said the ruins of a house were in the woods not far from Ocean County College. There are no roads that lead to it…just trails. It took me 2 times to find the place.
It reminded me of the Bamber Boys’ Home when I first found it……a near-empty field with a pile of rubble. Nothing too exciting really, but then I got closer to the rubble and realized something.

This was the house; I was standing on the floor. I looked down and realized the floor was burned through in a few spots, and I was looking down into the basement.

Near the back of the field I saw 2 more buildings. One was just a garage. I’m guessing the other was a coop of some kind, judging by the windows and door. It’s hard to tell, since it’s half burnt down and collapsing.

Some random pics on the way to the house…

Woe Be The Turtle.

I came across this lil’ guy coming back from the house. I don’t know how or why, but he had at least 50 mosquitoes on and flying around him. I swung at them a few times to get them to leave, but then I realized doing this might cause them to come after me. At this point I said “Screw it, he has a shell to hide in anyway” and left him to his fate. You can see a few of the mosquitoes in the pic; there were many more.

Author: Stu