Bamber Boy’s Home

Just a pile of bricks & shingles

First and foremost, I’m going to complain. Weird NJ claims the Boys’ Home was near Bamber Lakes and that it’s in Ocean Township. First off, there is, and has always been, ONE Bamber Lake. Until a meteor strike or earthquake, there is only going to be ONE Bamber Lake.
Ocean Township? Bamber Lake’s in Lacey, and seeing how the Boys’ Home is right on the boundary of Double Trouble State Park, it’s possibly in Berkeley Township! Where’d you get Ocean from? Ocean Township’s like 10 miles from the Boys’ Home! Maybe they just assumed the county name was close enough.
*cough* OK, I feel better now. Carry on.

I’ve been trying to find this place for quite some time now. I got a lot of bad directions and was told it was in many different spots. Someone finally emailed me with the real directions, and I couldn’t wait to get there. When I arrived, I was upset to find out the rumors of the Boys’ Home burning down were indeed true. I have to point out that the now-empty field had a sort of overwhelming calmness to it, almost like it was glad the building is gone.
I don’t feel it’s necessary to say anything; let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pic of the field from the well
Dunno what this was
The only thing left intact.....the wellSome more rubble from a building Couldn't figure out what this was
Very grown-over round track

You can read about our older trips to find the Boys’ Home. While these were way off from where it really was, they did yield some other weird spots in the woods. If it weren’t for our failed trips to find the Home, the following places would most likely not be on the site:

The places in the aforementioned link
Stuff behind Bamber Lake
Cemetery Road
Forked River Mountains
Oh, and Andrew’s car would’ve never gotten stuck in that bigass puddle either.

One more note: I found out that before the place was a boys’ home, the place was my great uncle’s house. Other houses were built nearby for his kids (my 2nd cousins or something, haven’t figured that part out yet). So if the government didn’t buy the place (and if it was still standing), I’d be one of the rightful heirs to the Bamber Boys’ Home. Word

Author: Stu