This is another place in the Pines we accidentally stumbled upon. Buckingham was founded by John Buckingham around 1880. It was a station along the now defunct railroad. There was also a mill here. The town has a sad story tied with it.
The town’s demise was supposed to have begun with the death of Mr. Buckingham’s daughter, who was trampled by a cow. The cow was bought for her so she’d have the freshest milk available. Guess that wasn’t such a good idea afterall.
I was surprised to read that the town was only from the 1880’s….from the looks of it I thought it was much older.

To those who seek this lost town, a word of caution……maybe a few hundred yards from the ruins is private property; it looks like either a house or hunting club. Judging by the amount of signs we saw, it’s apparent they want to be left alone. We heard dogs barking when we approached the ruins and they didn’t stop once while we were there. I’m pretty sure Buckingham isn’t on the property since it’s not within the fence, but be careful and don’t draw attention to yourself.

Author: Stu