The Freight Station

Why I’ve waited so long to put this one up I don’t know.
The Freight Station sits just on the side of Rt. 166, diagonally across from Huddy Park. It looks like a rail car and is quite weathered now. The middle part of the roof is sinking on the back part. The front, facing Rt. 166, is badly overgrown. Both ends are wide open.
A while ago a train track ran next to it, and a trestle spanned a small creek not far down the road. The trestle and rails have since been torn up, but rail spikes still occasionally pop up. The Freight Station has been abandoned ever since I can remember. I’ve been told it was simply a stop along the tracks, and I’ve also been told it was a small restaurant.
There was a lot of random junk inside: chairs, an old oven, tables….barely any room to move forward. Much of the stuff looks new, so I doubt it’s from when the place was open. But who would use an open building along a main road as storage… South Toms River of all places?

Author: Stu