Old Mine Road

Lots of pics; let ’em load.

Old Mine Road runs through much of the Northwest corner of the state, mostly along the Delaware River. We found 3 points of interest so far within Warren County: the 3 minute traffic light, stone ruins of some buildings on the side of a mountain, and a group of abandoned houses.

Sitting at this light is probably the longest 3 minutes you’ll ever feel. Not too sure why, but it just draaaaags.

Not too far past the light was our first goal – ruins of what appears to be a house, or group of houses.

The fountain was what I liked most about this place. Behind all the foundations we found a lot of glass jars & bottles. We figured this was a party place, until we looked at the bottles. Some were the old-fashioned thick glass Pepsi bottles, so the litter’s been here a while.

Up next was a group of abandoned houses right along the river. All have “No Entry” signs on them, which we noticed was because some had no floors or paper-thin floors. Look at this house….the floor is completely gone.

Most looked like they were in OK shape. One garage still had a nice-looking tow truck in it. One house had a satellite dish, so this area hasn’t been empty all that long.

One door was open on a house so we leaned in to get a pic of the room. The floor here was almost non-existent.

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  1. The Old Copper Mine Inn and the Sadie, Walter and Harold VanCampen estate.

  2. Pictures 2 thru 7 are actually the ruins of the Karamac Inn area. If you google it, you’ll find a bit of info on that place. I was up there this past Spring. Getting very overgrown now.

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