Secret Caverns

Just up the road from Howe Caverns is the lesser known Secret Caverns. Secret Caverns is the overlooked lil’ guy out of the two. The caverns are smaller than Howe’s, and the tour is about half the time. But Secret Caverns has something going for it…it’s not commercialized, or what I like to call pussified. You won’t find any brick walkways here. Oh no, you’re trekking through mud & rock. And you are going to get somewhat wet. Howe Caverns has a large gift shop, eatery, and guides with uniforms. Secret Caverns has a one room building with cobwebs on some of the gifts, old vending machines, and a Bad Dudes arcade machine in the corner. The signs leading to the place give South of the Border’s signs a run for their money in the “annoying” category. One has Jay Leno & Kevin Smith on it, because they stopped by to do a show segment (which can be found on the Jersey Girl DVD, by the way):

The tour lasted about 45 minutes. We were lucky and saw a tiny bat on the way down.


The main attraction of the cave is the 109′ waterfall at the end of the tour. Unfortunately, the spray from the fall wouldn’t let me get a good picture. I must’ve taken 10 or so pics, and each looked like a bunch of orbs. I decided I didn’t want to put them up because then I’d have morons emailing me saying the cave’s haunted.

So overall Secret Caverns is a cool place to visit. If you like little known places to visit or want to help out the little guy, check it out.

Author: Stu

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  1. I hope to visit Secret Caverns this spring. What I need is the precise address for a GPS route.

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