Tweed Tunnels

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Tweed was a shooting range during WWI; the tunnels were there to transport troops underneath the range to prevent anyone from accidentally being shot. The soldiers there may not have had to worry about friendly fire, but houses nearby were being hit by soldiers aiming too high. Because of this, Tweed was abandoned.
There’s more to Tweed than the main tunnel. We visited the former dwelling of a homeless guy named Jerry as well as a little-known place called “The Hole”.

Arriving at the tunnel was interesting; a wall for as far as I could see ran from the tunnel entrance through the woods. It almost looked like a mini Berlin wall with all the stuff painted on it.

Much of the tunnel is above ground. There are small slots in the sides that provide a small amount of daylight. We arrived at dusk though, as was planned, so these windows were next to useless.

The tunnel entrance.

We saw quite a few critters while in the tunnel:

Big ol’ spiders…

Big ol’ tunnel crickets…

A bat…

Some more crickets…
we also stumbled upon a mouse and a possum on the way back.

This is pretty much the view while walking through the tunnel.


A homeless man named Jerry used to live at Tweed. Following the walls are several one room buildings, and he picked one a good distance from the trail as his dwelling. Eventually punk kids did what they tend to do; they trashed the place. He hasn’t been back since.

YTMND fans will get a kick out of this.

“The Hole”

No idea why this is called “The Hole”. Seriously. You almost have to crawl in this section, which is completely underground. Down here you can find what is known as “The Grave”. It’s not really a grave but just a elongated puddle that looks like it has no bottom.

The Hole from above…

…and below.

The Grave.

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