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Fort Ticonderoga

Photos taken October 2011 Fort Ticonderoga, if even mentioned in any of your US History textbooks, was probably briefly brought up for a sentence or… read more Fort Ticonderoga

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Mars Bluff Bomb Crater

Photos from June 2011 Another find due to geocaching.  I wanted to make a day trip out of our visit to South of the Border,… read more Mars Bluff Bomb Crater

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Fort Fisher and the Hermit’s Bunker

Fort Fisher photos from May 2010 Hermit Bunker & Grave photos from May 2011 This wound up being a 2 part trip.  My wife and… read more Fort Fisher and the Hermit’s Bunker

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Photos from May 2011 Man, was this an adventure. When a game commissioner has to drive you back to your car, you know you had… read more Alvira

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Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin is a unique and, sadly, little known point of interest in Philadelphia.  It’s right on the Delaware River; it’s actually next to the… read more Fort Mifflin

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Fort Knox

Fort Knox was constructed beginning in 1844 to help prevent any potential invasions from Britain. This part of Maine was invaded by the British during… read more Fort Knox

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Hindenburg Crash Monument

I would like to thank the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, especially Larry Lyford, for granting me access to the monument. Many people know what the… read more Hindenburg Crash Monument

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Millville Bunkers

I had heard that bunkers of some sort could be found hidden in the woods near the Millville Airport. At first this made no sense… read more Millville Bunkers