Haunted House in Riegelsville

In all the years I’ve been doing this, the first time I ever had anything happen to me that I could not explain was in this house. I won’t say it’s supernatural; I will say I cannot explain it. That’s all you’re getting out of me for now, ghost lovers. Maybe some day.

The town of Riegelsville, PA, is supposed to be very, very haunted. I met a local author who wrote Ghosts in the ‘Vllle and More Ghosts in the ‘Ville, and he and his friends were kind enough to let me tour one of the more famous sites in town. This particular house is between the town’s library and a church, the very church where the author just happens to be a pastor.

From what I was told, a few entities take up residence at this house. One, a woman whose name I forget, is quite friendly and also makes her presence known in the adjacent church. Supposedly there is a malevolent, older man here as well. I don’t remember much of his backstory, unfortunately.

The church uses the house as storage and the first floor is somewhat of an office, so the building isn’t completely abandoned. So needless to say, the first floor was rather tame. The second floor was slightly creepier I guess, with darker rooms and random things lying around. The third floor was just eerie, and that’s also where I had my ‘experience.’ While going up the stairs to the third floor, I suddenly became dizzy and felt nauseous for a few seconds. My guide told me it happens to a lot of people and that it’s the ‘bad guy’ I mentioned earlier.

Stairs leading to 2nd floor.

Rooms on the 2nd floor.

Stairs going to the 3rd floor. At the top of these is where the sickness feeling tends to strike people, including me.

The author of the aforementioned books also has an official website: Ghosts in the ‘Ville.

Author: Stu

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  1. well i live near rieglesville pa and one time when i went to the library i was outside waiting for my dad & me and my friend susan waited outside and we felt breathing on our necks and i looked up and there was a little girl smiling out the window and then she just disappeared.

  2. so once when i was at the reiglesville cemetary it was like midnight ish and me and my friends were just fooling around being kids and we saw this dog tht looked like a hellhound with red and eyes then we saw it again by the third time everyone saw it except me i had my eyes closed so on the way home we got into a car accident and everyone died except for me now i hav strong beliefs in the hellhound existing! dont ever go into the cemetary at night

  3. Do you know who owned the abandon mansion at 1491 Easton Road, Riegelsville, PA 18077? I know the abandon factory in the front was the Duram Paper factory, but who owned that crazy mansion in the back?

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