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The Old Jail Museum

The Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe is almost like any other old restored prison museum I’ve been to.  Almost. Sure it’s got its display… read more The Old Jail Museum

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Touro Park “Viking Tower”

I had been meaning to get to this one for a number of years, but it was usually out of the way.  Since we were… read more Touro Park “Viking Tower”

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Devil’s Hole

Virtually nothing is known about the ruins in the Devil’s Hole, found ironically in Paradise Valley.  According to local legends, the place was a hunting… read more Devil’s Hole

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Haunted House in Riegelsville

In all the years I’ve been doing this, the first time I ever had anything happen to me that I could not explain was in… read more Haunted House in Riegelsville

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Bucksport “Haunted” Grave

This is just dumb. Really, really dumb. There’s a tombstone. A shape that somewhat resembles a leg shows up on it one day. Somehow, this… read more Bucksport “Haunted” Grave

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Mason-Dixon Line in South Jersey?

This is more of a writeup than an actual place. Mostly because it doesn’t exist. For years I’ve been hearing there are, or at least… read more Mason-Dixon Line in South Jersey?

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Van Sant Covered Bridge

It’s no secret I like covered bridges. Whenever I come across one, I tend to post it. This one, however, is a special case, at… read more Van Sant Covered Bridge

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The Stone Couch

It’s a rock. Shaped like a couch. Yay. This is just down the road from Eckley Miners’ Village. I heard some very silly stories attached… read more The Stone Couch