Bluespring Caverns

Excuse the dark pictures; as I learned at both Howe & Secret Caverns, digital cameras are horrible in low/no light situations.

Bluespring Caverns differs from most other cavern tours because the entire tour is by boat. For about an hour, you are on a small metal boat, going through both large rooms and narrow passages. Bluespring does have some formations, but not as many as other caverns I’ve visited.

Just a few decades ago, the cave entrance was a farmer’s pond. When the farmer woke up the day after a very bad storm, he discovered his pond was gone. It had drained into the cave system below. You can still see the outline of the pond.
There’s a steep walkway down to the cave entrance. Not far inside is the dock.

Albino crayfish. There are also eyeless albino fish in the caverns.

Returning to the dock.

Author: Stu