Tahawus (Adirondak)

Tahawus, also known as Adirondak, has long been a goal of mine.  It was about a 6 hour drive to get from my house to the campsite and about another hour to reach Tahawus. Saying the town is in the middle of nowhere is an understatement. I’m not complaining though; the place has remained untouched by vandals.
I was happy to finally see a ghost town with buildings still standing. The ones in the Pines are nice, but after a whlie, foundations and the occasional bit of wall get dull.

Originally an iron mining town, Tahawus has long been abandoned. The first thing we came across was a huge blast furnace – the largest I’ve ever seen. In the nearby woods we found remnants of mining equipment.

Looking up from inside the blast furnace.

Found this big ol’ rusty thing not far from the furnace.

The town is a bit up the road from the furnace site. While many buildings are just on the side of the road, some are back in the woods and are nearly inaccessible.
An elongated lake sits next the town, and there are buildings on both sides of it. There is also no longer a bridge; we walked across the water.
Also, none of these structures are safe to enter. Some are collapsing, while others have rotten floors.

One of the harder to reach houses.

Where the bridge used to be.

Oh, and whoever left their hiking stick against the board, I took it. Sorry. You should be more careful with your things.

Author: Stu