Popcorn Park Zoo

Couple of things worth noting before I go on:

a) This page is more for promoting the zoo and its goals than anything else. I’ve been visiting it since I was 3 or so, and I sponsor some of the animals there (the muntjacks). This zoo is the only one of its kind in the country – all the animls housed here have been abandoned, neglected, abused, etc…
Money-wise, PPZ has not been doing so great the past few years, and if this helps to increase their visits or sponsorships, then I’ve served my purpose.

b) Some of the pictures are not all that great. There are many parts of the zoo where there are 2 fences between you and the animals. I did my best to avoid fences, but in some cases it was impossible.
Some time ago, several of the animals freely walked around the zoo grounds. Due to a somewhat recent attack (involving punk kids breaking into the zoo at night and murdering several birds), no animals, except for some birds, have free range of the zoo.

For more info about the animals, directions, or donating, feel free to visit the zoo’s website.

Or even better, grab the kids, swing by, and feed the animals some popcorn (oddly, most of them like it). There’s a wide variety of animals, from your standard barnyard bunch to lions, tigers, bears, and muntjacks (oh doom).

Turtles, tortoises, and the reptile room greet visitors.

Peacocks, along with ducks and geese, have free range of the zoo….and so do their babies, apparently.

Piggies love popcorn. One guy tried putting his head through the fence.

Monkeys! No, these ones don’t fling poo. At least I’ve never seen them do it.

Some animals get quite excited when they see popcorn.

Hard to tell, but it’s a unicorn deer.

And last but not least…my muntjacks.


Author: Stu