Army Ordnance Museum

How could I say no to 25 acres of tanks? The Army Ordnance Museum is home to roughly 240 tanks, all from different countries and time periods. Also here is the allegedly largest military gun ever built – it was tested but never put to use.
Since the museum is on a military base (Aberdeen Proving Grounds), we needed to get a visitor pass to get to it. Make sure you have a license and vehicle registration (which you should have anyway) if you plan to visit.

I had read that the tanks used to have their hatches open and you could climb inside them. When we got there though, none were open and there were a few signs saying not to climb on them. Guess times have changed. Still, 25 acres of tanks is impressive. Oh, how I wanted to play in them.

A huge bomb greets visitors.

Yes, there are even some rockets.

What is supposed to be the largest military gun ever made. Yes, it’s quite large. *Insert big dick jokes here*

We noticed during our visit there were several empty spots among the tanks. We later found out that the missing tanks were in the process of being restored.
There is also a small indoor section of the museum, which houses many types of guns and other war relics/displays. There’s also a gift shop, which unfortunately was closed when we visited.

Author: Stu