Rocky Glen Park

Rocky Glen opened in 1885 and ran until 1987. A year later it was auctioned off, but not much was done with it. The park lay abandoned for a few years when a fire broke out in 1994, destroying much of the rollercoaster. The coaster was completely demolished not long afterward.
Today, little is left to indicate this once was a park. The sign still stands. The parking lots are torn up and overgrown. Walkways, foundations, and remants of rides can be found here and there.

There are talks of either reviving the amusement park or turning the property into a community park.

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  1. I am only 37 and my memory of Rocky Glen is very vague… I think I remember it as Ghost town. I would love to see this amusement park restored. Even today I do not think our children really get to appreciate a good old fashion amusement park. The closes to this is Knoebels bring back memories on the old antique cars. No admission fees, all day bracelets..Families coming together for the holidays at these parks to see the fireworks was a great time.. Rocky Glen, Dorney Park, and Knoebels are the only parks I have a great memories of and now one is closed and the other is so expensive I cannot afford to take my children there and we live less than 45 minutes from the park.

  2. I remember everything about Rocky Glen. I had fun there as a child – adult- and teenager. I brought my own three children there at least three times a week. It was a wonderful place to go and very affordable. I wish someone would bring it back so our grandchildren can enjoy what we did for all those years.

  3. When I was 4 years old I used to go there,Im only 10 but,I used to have so much fun now its a wreck,People ruined it by placing there garbage;ect But,Did you know that people still go there and fish and set up bonfires and stuff like that,You know what I mean,Right But anyway I had so much fun there,I wish people would just behave themselves and it would still be open today,Its just ashamed,That people would break the rules,Like why???,And its all trashed,I mean look at the pictures,I mean thats not the Rocky Glen i remember 🙁

  4. My Mothers family is from Moosic and we visited them a lot while growing up and we would always go to Rocky Glen for fun! That was from 1969 until after it closed when it was Ghost Town in the Glen. I have such fond memories of that place and its so sad to see it in the condition that it is now. I remember that Merry go round and how beautiful the horses and other animals where. They dont make them like that anymore. I rode my first roller coaster there and have been riding them ever since. That entire Moosic area has been built up with the Montage Ski resort and boutique shops and all. It sure would be great if they could rebuild Rocky Glen as well. It has been there since the 1800’s so there is a lot of history there.

  5. i remember being 8 years old and my mother would take be to rocky glen park every other weekend just so i can ride the train and the coast i didnt get to send alot of time with my mom she worked night and i remember her being tired and just taking that time to send with me it was a beautiful time in my life and i remember when we found out it closed i cried but it was fun when it was open and it was a great time in my life i am now moved away but rocky glen park will all ways have a place in my heart and in my mind

  6. As with many others who were able to enjoy this park I also have fond memories of the park riding the coaster for hours on end. the antique cars were another favorite of mine along with my older sister and younger brother. I remember concerts being there such as the grateful dead who I did not get to see however wish I had along with other big names of the time. Over the years I became involved with the fire department that covers that now abandoned property ( there have been may fires prior to my start there that destroyed many of the buildings. the fire department still responds there each year for brush fires, atv accidents and even drowning victims. The park still sees it’s share of visitors each and everyday either people fishing which I must say is dam good there, to the summertime campers and yes the underage beer parties can all lead to trouble. The property as it stands now has been taken back by mother nature for the most part but it would be a wonderful addition if someone was to ever re-build the park. Moosic is one of the nicest places in Northeast PA. to have a family park return would only make it better.

  7. I remember Rocky Glen when I was just a kid. Maybe around 7 on up. My mom and grandma and My brother used to go on My birthday. Its such a shame in moosic that we have an empty lot now. Why can’t someone rebuild Rocky Glen and maybe we wouldn’t have to drive for an hour or two to go somewhere else? Why???????

  8. My dad grew up in the house that sits on that cornor before you turn up to rocky glenn it burnt down a long while ago he used to work at rocky glenn when he was growing up.He said in the days when he worked there it was a busy park and fun place to work ,he took me and some friends down there every so often back then it was know as ghost town in the glen and after that I took my kids down there with my dad we use to go and have a picnic there madea day of it with the family it was really nice back then now my dad is gone and rocky glenn is gone to many happy memoires we spent there to see the park the way it is now is heart breaking the gun fights, wooden roller coaster,i remeebr there used to be a what they call a hoagie place when you came out of the old west town going up the hill it was on the left they were very good bought one every time I was there then we would all go to Scranton to cony island hot dogs we made the day of it and evening very very sad it all gone now love to see somebody rebuild it but I don’t think it will never happen

  9. I remember visiting the park when I was little. Maybe around 10 years old or so. I remember long walks through the park, and having so much fun. One of my favorite rides was the antique cars. I mainly remember it as Ghost Town, but I know it changed to Rocky Glen Park, although I don’t know when exactly was. It is truly sad that the park is in it’s current condition. I hope someone sees the park as not what it is, but what it could be, and purchases the property, and brings it back to it’s previous glory. It is not impossible. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people gave their time voluntarily, just to see that happen. There are other defunct parks, just in Pa, and Nj alone. Some of you might remember, and please comment if you do, one was called “Magic Valley”, located off Rt 209 in Bushkill Pa, and the other one was nestled on a small Nj island, on Lake Hopatcong, in Morris County, called “Bertrands Island”. Both are gone now, and I attended both of them. Miss them both. I’m not sure, but I think and believe that the popularity of the major theme parks, helped make these smaller, family style parks demise. It’s sad. You can actually take a “Memory Lane” trip if you watch videos on the internet of defunct paks. It takes lots of money and time to revive these pasttimes, but it is NOT impossible. If you want to help, or you get an opportunity to help bring these places, and other places, please do, because they’re disappearing fast. Thank You.

  10. Magic Valley was only open several years- barely a blip on the radar compared to long time parks like Rocky Glen, Forest Park, and Willow Grove Park.

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