Old Cemetery Near Otis, MA

I can’t find anything out about this place, other than it’s near Otis. Most of the stones appear to be from the 1800’s. If it weren’t for the location of the cemetery and the difficulty in reaching it, I might not be including it.

It’s about a mile off a backroad, down a very, very rocky and unsafe dirt road (at least for cars, but there are spots where trucks might have trouble too). At one point, the road just drops steeply. There was no way our car was getting down it, so we walked the last third of a mile.

Judging by the lines of trees and stone walls on either side of the path, I’m betting a town or some sort of development was back here at one point. I don’t know if there are any buildings still standing. All we saw was the cemetery, which also has a stone wall around it.

You can see the 4 small stones all have a single rock placed on top.

Again, I’m still trying to find out more information. I don’t even know what the cemetery is named. If anyone knows where this is or what else was here, drop me a line.

Author: Stu