Delsea Drive-In

This is a place I’ve been meaning to get to for a few years now; this is the only remaining drive-in theater left in New Jersey. It closed in the late 80’s and was reopened in 2004.
I wanted this to be my first drive-in experience. Unfortunately, time or convenience was always against me; Vineland is a good distance from Toms River. Cinema 67 in Indiana would turn out to be the one to pop my drive-in cherry.
After years of not getting to it, I decided to make the trip after a book signing I had in Deptford. Of course, I knew the drive-in wouldn’t be open in the middle of January, but at least I could now say I’ve been to the only open drive-in in the state. I’m used to just seeing the abandoned ones, although this one didn’t look much different mid-winter.
I briefly mention Delsea in my book.

For show times, pricing, etc., check out the official Delsea Drive-In website.

Author: Stu