Vineland Speedway

Vineland Speedway lies virtually forgotten just off the road. Now a popular paintball area, this was once home to a half-mile oval track, a quarter-mile dragstrip, and a 1.5 mile road course. Supposedly bleachers can still be found at the far end; I did not look for them. The speedway was open from 1955 until 1965.
Not much is left today – just cracked asphalt. If you have 4×4, the track seems to still be drivable. I didn’t want to risk getting my Yaris over the bumps, but if I had my Blazer, I’d have had a field day. I walked around for a bit, but there really isn’t much to see. I didn’t have the daylight or care to go searching for the bleachers.
On my visit, I came across a group of paintballers who seemed pretty nervous that I was there. I don’t know why they were nervous; I was the outnumbered and unarmed one.

Author: Stu

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  1. They were probably nervous because it’s state owned property and it’s technically illegal to be back there. Trust me. I got my truck stuck in the soft sand out there about five years ago and all tow services refused to help me out.

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