Ruins off Mount Misery Road

I found these on Easter. I was hoping to find out just what they were, but neither I nor any of the knowledgeable Pine Barrens folk I’ve talked to are completely sure. One theory was that they were part of a nearby mill, but they look too new to be from that. Could’ve just been a house.
Regardless, you have to drive down a sugar sand road for about 2 miles to get to them (this is down the north end of Mt. Misery, which prior to this I’ve never taken).

A well, maybe?

Author: Stu

1 thought on “Ruins off Mount Misery Road

  1. I think you may have found the site of Many Ann Furnace. Which is North and West of Route 70, Its on the opposite side of route 70 from the Mount Misery Pinelands Center

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