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World’s Smallest Church (Cross Island Chapel)

On our way to Niagara Falls, we make a fairly far-off side stop at a little place I’d been meaning to see for years –… read more World’s Smallest Church (Cross Island Chapel)

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Celestia, PA (Ghost Town)

Another example of the place’s story being much more interesting than the place itself. I had read over and over about a ghost town in… read more Celestia, PA (Ghost Town)

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Garden of Scripture

Ever want to walk through the Bible? Ever want to walk through the Bible in some guy’s backyard? Now you can! …for real, this place… read more Garden of Scripture

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Columcille is a megalith park in eastern PA. It’s very Celtic influenced and has a labyrinth and chapel, among other things. The place was also… read more Columcille

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Palace of Gold

Definitely one of the more unusual places I’ve seen – a Hindu temple and palace dedicated to Srila Prabhupada – in the mountains of West… read more Palace of Gold

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Mount Holly Altar

We found this accidentally while geocaching in Mt. Holly. This “altar” is on a hill just off a main road. While we were up there,… read more Mount Holly Altar

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Dog Chapel

Now this is a roadside oddity – a chapel for dogs on a hilltop. Everything here, and I mean EVERYTHING, has to do with dogs….even… read more Dog Chapel

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Head of the River’s “Forgotten” Cemetery

Thanks to NJ Pines & Down Jersey for helping with some of the info. I’ve passed Head of the River Church many times going to… read more Head of the River’s “Forgotten” Cemetery