Spanish Mansion Ruins

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The 'inside' of the mansion

This place is, surprisingly, right off a main road, just down the street from the alleged Capone Place. There are stories that this old mansion also had Capone connections. On my trip to the Capone Place, my guide told me a few stories I hadn’t heard before. She said among the ruins there used to be the remains of an oven. This oven was said to be used to burn the bodies of people the mobsters bumped off. The ashes could easily be thrown into the creek just down the trail. The trail was also an easy escape route.
As for the name Spanish mansion, my only guess would be the style of the house. We also saw Spanish tile near the building, so this is pretty much a no-brainer.

Of the building itself only one corner of wall remains. The site is very, very overgrown with thorns and vines. You can see in some parts where the wall has fallen over. One small part of a wall is standing in the middle of the vines by itself.

Down the trail a bit you come across a small foundation. Just a bit down from that is the creek ‘escape route’.

Author: Stu