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The Freight Station

Why I’ve waited so long to put this one up I don’t know. The Freight Station sits just on the side of Rt. 166, diagonally… read more The Freight Station

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Abandoned Cabins on the Mullica

Dawe spotted this one while looking for the Clark’s Landing graves. Right on the side of a bridge is a small trail with a gate… read more Abandoned Cabins on the Mullica

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Brooksbrae Brick Factory 2005

Hidden among the trees near Mt. Misery are the remains of the Brooksbrae Brick Factory, which has been mistakenly called the Pasadena Terra Cotta Factory… read more Brooksbrae Brick Factory 2005

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Trolley Valhalla

This was a cool place, but I feel the name is a bit misleading; sure there are trolley cars, but they’re outnumbered by freights, trucks,… read more Trolley Valhalla

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Holy Land

This place is in shambles. Nature has reclaimed much of Holy Land, which was first put together in the early 50’s. To describe what exactly… read more Holy Land

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Stokes House 2004

Original Visit April 2003 This is why I don’t give out directions. I can’t believe what’s happened to the place since the last time I… read more Stokes House 2004

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Brooksbrae at Night (2004)

Not much to say; it was Halloween night and we were bored. Since I had nothing to do, I figured we could go check out… read more Brooksbrae at Night (2004)

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The Sex Plant

Somehow I’ve overlooked this. These pics are over a year old; I just never put them up. The Sex Plant is an interesting little find… read more The Sex Plant