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Sonestown Covered Bridge, PA

Another place we found on the way to Celestia. This bridge was built in 1850 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It… read more Sonestown Covered Bridge, PA

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Van Sant Covered Bridge

It’s no secret I like covered bridges. Whenever I come across one, I tend to post it. This one, however, is a special case, at… read more Van Sant Covered Bridge

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Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge

NJ’s last “original” covered bridge and one of only two in the state, the Green Sergeant’s bridge almost met its end in 1960. The bridge… read more Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge

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Scarborough Covered Bridge

One of only two covered bridges left in NJ, Scarborough is tiny as far as covered bridges go; it’s only 55′ long. Depending on who… read more Scarborough Covered Bridge

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Comstock Covered Bridge

We stumbled upon this while looking for an alleged ghost town near Gillette Castle. This one was built in 1791 and restored in 1936. People… read more Comstock Covered Bridge

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Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

Not much to say about this; I just happen to like covered bridges. This one was built in 1880 and can be found in Brown… read more Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

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The Flume

Originally visited 10/03 Updated 10/05 The Flume is a gorge in Franconia State Park in New Hampshire. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it,… read more The Flume