Stone Living Room

Photos from 2001, 2003, 2005
Destroyed Summer ’05

To date, we’ve visited the Stone Living Room 3 times, and every time it’s different. On our original trip the fireplace in the center was huge. The second time, it was maybe half the size it used to be. On our latest outing, the fireplace was again huge, but the seats were much smaller; you used to be able to lean back in all of them. The whole “living room” just seemed smaller to me this past time. Somebody keeps moving the rocks around.

The firepit was tiny in 2003.

Huge pit again, 2005.

The hike up to Stone Living Room can be brutal, especially if you don’t know the shortcut. Off the trail a bit is a pseudo-Tripod Rock. It looks like it could be one, but it’s now only held up by one rock in the front. There are a few trails surrounding the living room. One has a few smaller firepits on it.

I know it’s been overdone and everyone knows about it, but the Stone Living Room really is a must-see. Just be prepared for some exercise.

Author: Stu