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Federal Hill

Posted by Stu On September - 21 - 2005

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*Note* This is not yet a complete trip. We could not find the fabled “Iron Door.”

Federal Hill was a lookout for Continental soldiers during the Revolution as well as the site of a mutiny. The leaders of the mutiny were eventually forced to be executed by fellow soldiers – an order given by General Washington himself.
But that’s not what makes this place well known among curiosity seekers. The hill was a Bund camp during the WWII years and has many stories of Nazis attached to it. The most famous part of the hill is the Iron Door, which is supposed to lead to several things, including a room full of Nazi memoribilia. I’ve been told the door is now sealed shut.

As noted above, we didn’t find the Door. I got within 180 feet of it, and no matter which way I approached from, I ended up with a cliff in front of me. I guess you have to get to it from the bottom of the hill; we were at the top. Although we didn’t get to the Door, I did find some other interesting ruins.

Know what I think these are? Toilets. Seriously.

I hope to get back to the hill sometime soon; it’s supposed to be slated for development. If that happens, I’m sure the Door will be taken down.

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Outside Ringwood Manor

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2004

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Not much to say…just some pics of the various statues and whatnot outside Ringwood Manor. I found some of the stuff unusual. We were too late for a tour of the house, so we’ll have to go back eventually.

3 sets of steps going up a hill.

Old rock wall behind a greenhouse.

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World’s Greatest Electrician

Posted by Stu On October - 20 - 2004

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I read about this one in an old newspaper article, along with the Ellis & Tse graves. Sal Giardino must’ve really loved his job, hence his headstone being a big black lightbulb. His daughter had the stone made, who oddly died only 3 months after he did.

While different, this stone really wasn’t worth the extra trip from my other 2 destinations. To make up for it though, I saw what I think is the coolest grave I’ve yet seen.

Note: I took these pictures on a rainy day. Any ‘orbs’ or ‘spirits’ you may see are raindrops. Please don’t email me with “OGM yuo has ghosts in yer pics lol!!1”

There are 4 ‘walls’ surrounded by plants. One side has an archway you can walk through.

Once you get inside, the ground is smooth shiny rocks, there’s a small fountain….it’s just great. The statues are what really blew my mind; looked better than even the ones at Sleepy Hollow.

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Lambert Castle

Posted by Stu On June - 20 - 2003

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One of my friends has been telling me about Garrett Mountain for years. He had heard ghost stories of a castle that was on the mountain, Lambert Castle. So we decided to go see for ourselves. The castle itself was kind of disappointing (it looks brand new and is a museum now), but the watch tower up the mountain a bit was more to our liking.

The doors leading inside were welded shut, so I could only get pics from outside the bars.

Many of the windows were only half-sealed.

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Clinton Road

Posted by Stu On June - 20 - 2003

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Clinton Road sucks. Basically, it’s a road with an old furnace (which has been called such ridiculous things as a Druid Pyramid), a bridge with some stories tied to it, and a hairpin turn of doom. Black pickups (I’m assuming the same black pickups that are condemned to patrol Indian Cabin Road for all eternity) are supposed to chase people on the road. I honestly don’t see the hype behind this road. It’s slightly cooler than Mt. Misery Road. Maybe.
Here’s another pic of the……….dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun………Druid Pyramid! OMG ph33r! And for the people who are gonna write in saying that Clinton Road’s mad haunted……those are rain drops in the pics, not orbs.

The only semi-interesting story behind Clinton Road is the bridge ghost story. Supposedly, a boy died from falling off the bridge, or slipped on the rocks, or killed himself. Not too sure how, but somehow the lil’ bugger ended up in the water. The story says if you throw change off the bridge, he’s supposed to throw it back up to you. I thought that was neat. Of course this was right when John slipped on the rocks and almost broke my camera. So it wasn’t neat for too long.

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Stone Living Room

Posted by Stu On May - 2 - 2001

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Photos from 2001, 2003, 2005
Destroyed Summer ’05

To date, we’ve visited the Stone Living Room 3 times, and every time it’s different. On our original trip the fireplace in the center was huge. The second time, it was maybe half the size it used to be. On our latest outing, the fireplace was again huge, but the seats were much smaller; you used to be able to lean back in all of them. The whole “living room” just seemed smaller to me this past time. Somebody keeps moving the rocks around.

The firepit was tiny in 2003.

Huge pit again, 2005.

The hike up to Stone Living Room can be brutal, especially if you don’t know the shortcut. Off the trail a bit is a pseudo-Tripod Rock. It looks like it could be one, but it’s now only held up by one rock in the front. There are a few trails surrounding the living room. One has a few smaller firepits on it.

I know it’s been overdone and everyone knows about it, but the Stone Living Room really is a must-see. Just be prepared for some exercise.

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