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New photos from 11/04

Carusoville is a now empty group of roads behind Bamber Lake. Supposedly the entire Caruso family lived back here and then for whatever reason all left. The government, being the kind productive souls they are, then of course came in and knocked down the houses. I’ve also heard a woman’s body was found not far from Carusoville a few years back.
Not a whole lot to see honestly….just 2 empty cul-de-sacs with various garbage and bonfire barrels strewn about. Very little is left that would suggest it was once a development.

I’ve been here many times but didn’t know this was the actual Carusoville, which someone a few years back incorrectly told me was closer to the Boys’ Home. I’ve kept the original page intact below.

Original Page (9/02)

Behind Bamber Lake is what appears to be an unfinished development. There are a few roads with large potholes, and at the very end are 2 large cul-de-sacs. In the middle of both are piles of wood, garbage, etc. There are a lot of bonfire spots in the Pines, but these are probably the only ones that are in the street and can get away with it.

Not much left from this bonfire

Down one on the dirt paths I found, I found some weird looking junk on the side of the trail:

I have no idea what that thing against the tree is

We found a boat in the woods last time we went.

Boat Pic
Andrew’s on de boat

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  1. My family owned a home there years before any of the Caruso family moved there in the 1960’s. We spent many summers 3 miles in the pines from the boy scout camp which was located by the lake. Mr Caruso, the father, had 7 sons, they originally owned a house close to the lake. They took over the property owned by my family. Would love to know what happened there. Last I was there was in 2003, and it was a ghost town, nothing there.

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