Carranza Monument

Found accidentally 9/02
Page revamped 8/04

In July of 1928, Emilio Carranza Rodriguez’s plane crashed in the Pine Barrens. He was on his way back to Mexico from a goodwill flight to New York. At the crash site is a memorial, roughly 10-12 feet tall. One side has an arrow carved into it, symbolizing Carranza’s flight. The other side has a descending Aztec eagle, indicating his plummet to earth. Underneath the eagle are 2 footprints, which are for his final moments on earth. The other 2 sides of the marker have writing on them, one side in English and the other Spanish. They tell the date of the tragedy and offer a few words of honor to the aviator, who was called “the Lindbergh of Mexico.” There is an annual commemoration on the 2nd Saturday in July, which is around Carranza’s day of death.

The memorial is just about in the middle of nowhere, off Carranza Road in the Pines. It’s not far from where the paved section of the road ends.

Author: Stu