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Mighty Joe

Anyone driving on Route 206 in Shamong has surely seen the gorilla in the parking lot of Mighty Joe’s, a gas station and convenience store. … read more Mighty Joe

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Sheppton Mine Disaster Site

In August of 1963, three miners were stuck 330 feet below the ground when the Sheppton mine caved in.  Two of the miners stuck together… read more Sheppton Mine Disaster Site

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Henry Hudson Springs

Remember that long list of explorers you had to learn in school and likely forgot all of now, besides Christopher Columbus (which is tragic honestly,… read more Henry Hudson Springs

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Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr Duel Site

Hamilton/Burr Got Milk? commercial from sometime in the 90’s In the early days of this country, if you didn’t get along with a political rival,… read more Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr Duel Site

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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, one of the oldest tourist attractions in the US, is just that – a rock.  Said to be where the Pilgrims first set… read more Plymouth Rock

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Jim Thorpe Memorial

I often looked at maps and wondered why there was a town named Jim Thorpe and just who the guy was. Now that I live… read more Jim Thorpe Memorial

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Sugarloaf Massacre Monument & Grave

Found along Walnut Avenue in Conyngham is a small, seemingly overlooked Revolution-era monument. Near this site on September 11, 1780, Captain Daniel Klader and his… read more Sugarloaf Massacre Monument & Grave

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Tri-States Monument

Although technically in 3 states, I’m gonna file this one under New York for 2 reasons. Nearly half the marker is in NY, so percentage-wise,… read more Tri-States Monument