Devil’s Hole


Virtually nothing is known about the ruins in the Devil’s Hole, found ironically in Paradise Valley.  According to local legends, the place was a hunting lodge, ski resort, or speakeasy.  The only thing agreed upon is that it was destroyed in a fire decades ago.

I was told it was quite a hike to get to this place, about 6 hours, and that I’d have to wade through a river several times before reaching it.  Long story short, the trek was less than a mile, although I did have to walk through a stream 5 or 6 times.  It was slightly above ankle-deep for the most part.

The first part of the trail winds through thick rhododendrons and abruptly stops at the first water crossing.




The trail is pretty unclear at times; orange blazes are few and far between.  It doesn’t help that the stream zig-zags across the trail quite a bit.  Lucky me decided to find this place just weeks after the spring runoff, so needless to say the water was cold.

Eventually, a very discernable trail materializes out of literally nowhere.  Following this down a bit will lead you to the first part of the ruins, just a small fireplace.


Sort of hidden among the trees, diagonally across the path, is the true prize, though.  The big building has two double fireplaces.  The first floor was completely destroyed, so when you’re poking around the place, you’re actually on the basement level.















So what was this place?  There are a few things here that pretty much prove it was a ski lodge of some sort. I’m guessing that first fireplace I came across used to be a tow shed, because right behind it was a cleared area running all the way up the mountain – a telltale sign of a ski lift.  Also just behind the small fireplace was a wheel mounted in a tree – most likely to run the lift.  I think it’s pretty obvious this place was a ski lodge.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the wheel or cleared area because I was too busy putzing around with my camcorder and forgot to take actual pics of them.  If I ever figure out how to edit the video I shot, they’ll be on there.




Author: Stu

9 thoughts on “Devil’s Hole

  1. hi stu, how is everything? did you ever find the waterfall near there+
    don + dj from jersey

  2. Nah, I didn’t go chasing waterfalls. I just stuck with the river that I was used to.

    …nah, seriously, I didn’t see any falls back there. I do need to go back though and explore farther.

  3. Ok so i grew up back there and there is a water fall back there. I use to go camping there all the time u just have to follow the stream back to where it brakes of in to two different parts follow the part that banks off to the right. But dude u have to go out there at nite there are some weird things that go on there when the sun goes down. Hit me up on my email ( and ill tell you about some of the stuff i have experienced.

  4. I grew up in the area and was told an urban legend that witches were hang in this area years before in the 1800.

  5. That is very interesting. As I am a Witch, I would love to learn more about the history of this site.

  6. I doubt it was ever a ski lodge. More likely a hunting lodge/retreat/speakeasy. I first visited these ruins in the late 60’s, early 70’s with my great grandfather. As an avid trout fisherman and one who very much enjoyed adult beverages in his youth, he was quite familiar with the property. One of the things he described was the diversion of water to a small, dam like structure where large trout were kept. There is a spot above the ruins where the water appeared to have been diverted to another channel and was dammed further down. The rocks stacked on either side of this secondary channel appear to be what’s left of that pond. The presence of any sort of lift was more likely used to move materials rather than skiers.

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