The Waving Cowboy

Written 11/02

You never realize what you have ’till it’s gone. Such is the case with the Waving Cowboy. I drove by it a million times when I was young. During the day, he just stood there with his arm extended. With the way the sign was made, he looked like he had 4 hands on his arm. But at night, that hand lit up (neon orange if I remember correctly) and waved at everyone passing by the Cowboy Hall of Fame on Rt. 9 South.
OK, so what’s so odd about a waving cowboy sign? Nothing really. At least, not till after they took him down. He was just a normal part of driving down Rt. 9. Then once he was gone, you get to thinking, “Hey, it was pretty odd that there was a 3 story-tall waving cowboy outside this bar.” I don’t know why they took him down, but he’s been gone for a quite a few years now.

I’ve searched all over the internet for pics of the Cowboy…can’t find any. If you know anything about why they took the Cowboy down or if you know of any pictures, please let me know.

Author: Stu

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  1. I lived on Morris Blvd in Bayville for 17 years (I moved away in 1998). I remember the Cowboy waving when I was a kid,but remember it was taken down and put in Tex Louie’s backyard.I have a photo if you’d like

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