Marlboro Slaughterhouse 11/02

This time around, I found the nifty side entrance to the Slaughterhouse property I couldn’t find before. It cuts out a good 20 minutes of walking. We walked by the old house & sheds…….nothing new there. The ‘road’ that runs through the property is a long one. We walked by the burnt down building where the trail splits, and with all the plants being dead, it let me get a good shot of what looks like another building near the burnt down one.

We walked up to the Slaughterhouse. I didn’t really come back for it, but since my brother was with us and he had never been to the Slaughterhouse yet, I figured I’d let him walk through. But that didn’t happen.


What exactly is that? Well…….that’s the only entrance to the Slaughterhouse…….now barricaded by a bulldozed pile of dirt and trees.
There’s also an old trailer in front of the Slaughterhouse. I took a pic of its inside.

This time, I found a nearly-overgrown trail behind the building. The entire thing had 2 walls running along it. From what I saw, it has 3 sides, and it leads to something further in the woods. It was too overgrown to continue or see clearly, but it looked like another building or a large fence. Here’s part of the wall:

These lead to a building in the back, but everything's too overgrown to reach it

Finally, what I came for…..the basement of the house I went in last time. I got 2 good pics:

This table was the only thing in the basment

Some old pipes and I think a heater or boiler

I found another house this time too. This one was pretty beat up and hard to reach, so I just snapped this picture of it.

Author: Stu