Forked River Mountains

One of the many spots where we got lost

On one of our doomed Bamber Boys’ Home searches, I stumbled across a backway into the Forked River Mountain Preserve. Trouble is, there are tons of trails back there, so you really have to know the area to get around. Which of course, I didn’t at the time. There’s one trail that takes you right to the top of the Mountains. I found it once by chance. I probably will never find it again.

I found a the base of a building, which I would later learn was a fire tower. There are 2 steps, and in each ‘corner’ is a marker. And of course, some moron had to go and spraypaint a pentagram on top of it. Kids, pretending to be Satanic isn’t cool anymore. You are not funny. You are not scary. And chances are good you might be inbred. I’m so tired of every place I go to being associated with devil worship or Nazis or KKK meetings; come up with something original.
If it’s actually a Wiccan or pagan pentacle, then my apologies, but you really suck at spraypainting.

Stairs with 4 concrete blocks
Damn punks

Right after one of the billion hunting clubs back there, we came across an old trailer. We went inside and realized the floor was almost rotted through. The smell was horrible, and the ceiling was actually caving in. Behind the trailer were 4 rusted-out cars. One had a very obvious message on it.

My last trip up there was when I found the trail to what’s considered the top. On the way I found some out-of-place gutted fish.

Now how'd they get all the way out here?

No, this picture is not upside-down.

Route 539 Abandoned House

Right on the side of Rt. 539 (which we somehow got onto by accident), we found a dead cranberry bog and this tiny building next to it.

Very small, and only one-room

Author: Stu