Bayville Dinosaur

Originally posted 12/02
New pics from 12/05

This has never been a big deal to me, since Bayville is my hometown; I’ve seen this every day of my life. However, other people find it strange that there’s a dinosaur on the side of Route 9. Nobody is 100% sure just where it came from. One popular tale is that it was purchased from the 1939 World’s Fair. The building it guards was supposed to have been a Sinclair gas station decades back. The building has changed ownership several times and is currently a home decoration store. A carpeting store, which was in the building for years, still has pictures of a dinosaur at its new location.

It has its own lil’ platform.

The Midnight Society said the sauropod’s unofficial name is Dino, but I never heard it referred to as that. At any rate, “Dino” has gone through quite a few color, and head, changes through the years. I’m not sure what colors it was before I was born, but I’ve heard quite a few. It was a light blue for most of my life. I think I remember it being briefly purple at some point, but that didn’t last too long. Now it’s gold – which could use another coating. The current store’s name is also painted on its sides.
Since I’ve been around, the head has been replaced at least twice. Our roadside buddy has been decapitated by cars, and at other times the head was just too heavy for the neck to support. When I was a kid, the head was rather scary, for an herbivore at least. It had small eyes on either side of its head and sharp teeth, which I never understood. Nowadays, the head is cartoony, with both eyes in the front and a corny smile. I think the new head is really, really lame.
A few people said to me that at one point it had lights in its eyes and going down its back, but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

The tail just stops at the wall. I remember this wall being a rollup metal door at one point.

Bit of a nest hanging out the mouth.

Author: Stu