Shaler Grave

A lone grave sits alone not far from the infamous Indian Cabin Road. Its inscription says:

To The Memory Of
Mrs. Sibbel Shaler
Consort of the late Timothy Shaler
Who departed this life
On the 2nd Day of April 1785
In the 34th year of her age
And whose mortal remains repose
Here together with those of three
Of her infant children

There are 2 stories to go along with the grave. The more popular one claims that Mrs. Shaler was killed and scalped, along with her 3 children, by raiding Lenape. Another variation tells of a stranger seeking shelter one night. After being welcomed to stay the night, he killed everyone and ransacked the house.

There’s an odd concrete structure next to the grave, but I haven’t found out what it is yet.

Author: Stu

1 thought on “Shaler Grave

  1. The concrete structure is an animal/chicken pen. You can’t tell because the roof and doors are missing.

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