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Sheppton Mine Disaster Site

In August of 1963, three miners were stuck 330 feet below the ground when the Sheppton mine caved in.  Two of the miners stuck together… read more Sheppton Mine Disaster Site

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Grave of Beth Doe

Who is Beth Doe?  This question has remained unanswered since December of 1976, when a woman’s body, cut up and stuffed into 3 suitcases, was… read more Grave of Beth Doe

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Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery

Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery is the oldest in the US that’s run by an animal welfare group.  We originally came here because we read about… read more Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery

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Knox Mine Disaster

The term “coal baron” exists for a reason.  In 1959, the owners of Knox Mine got greedy and had workers dig within 5-6 feet of… read more Knox Mine Disaster

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Stockton Mine Disaster

Stockton Mine was like any other anthracite mine in northeastern PA until one early morning in 1869, when some of the ground above the mine… read more Stockton Mine Disaster

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Duffy’s Cut

In the summer of 1832, Philip Duffy, a railroad contractor, hired 57 Irish immigrants on the docks of Philadelphia.  They were to fill in a… read more Duffy’s Cut

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Jim Thorpe Memorial

I often looked at maps and wondered why there was a town named Jim Thorpe and just who the guy was. Now that I live… read more Jim Thorpe Memorial

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Sugarloaf Massacre Monument & Grave

Found along Walnut Avenue in Conyngham is a small, seemingly overlooked Revolution-era monument. Near this site on September 11, 1780, Captain Daniel Klader and his… read more Sugarloaf Massacre Monument & Grave