The Matlack Grave

I found this while out geocaching in Marlton & Cherry Hill. This is yet another lone gravestone that appears to be out of place. I was warned to be careful with this one because either side of it is private property. This turned out to be quite true; the grave is in between 2 houses. The only way to approach it is from its front, which I think most people would do anyway.

The small fenced off area between 2 houses.

The grave is of the Matlack family, particularly William, Mary, and their son Richard. One line on the grave says servants and slaves are also interred with them. I had to reread the slave part a few times…then it sunk in just how old the stone is. William died in 1738. Not much else is in the small gated area – just a plaque in the ground, a pile of stones to the side of the headstone, and unfortunately some trash.

Author: Stu