Reading Pagoda

I first heard about this place quite a few years ago. Some lady (I think she had a thing for me) randomly IM’d me a few times and said I should come visit Reading and see the pagoda. It would take me 4-5 years to finally get out there.

Originally intended to be a resort, the pagoda is now simply a tourist attraction, one that is in dire need of some restoration. The steps outside of it are cracking, the paint is coming off – the place just looks neglected. There are some plans for restoring it and donations are being accepted.

I was hoping to get inside, but it was closed when we visited. Their hours are very random – 3 different websites gave me 3 different sets of hours. I called before the trip and was hung up on.

At night, the pagoda is clearly visible along the skyline because of the red lights on it. We could see it from our motel a few miles up the road in Temple.

Author: Stu