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Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

Photos from 3/13 I drove by this a few times on the way to New Hope and was curious what exactly it was.  After being… read more Moravian Tile Works & Fonthill Castle

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Flying Saucer Restaurant

There was no way we weren’t stopping here.  This diner from another galaxy can be found along Lundy’s Lane, just minutes from Niagara Falls.  It’s… read more Flying Saucer Restaurant

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The Shoe House

In 1948, Colonel Mahlon M. Haines, the owner of several shoe stores in PA & MD, decided to implement what is likely the ultimate advertising… read more The Shoe House

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Newport Cliff Walk

Newport’s Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile long trail that winds along the shoreline and passes through 64 private properties, many of which are mansions. … read more Newport Cliff Walk

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The Old Jail Museum

The Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe is almost like any other old restored prison museum I’ve been to.  Almost. Sure it’s got its display… read more The Old Jail Museum

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Shelburne Museum

Lots of pics. Go get some nachos. When one hears the word “museum” they tend to think of large, ugly buildings full of ugly, boring… read more Shelburne Museum

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Futuro House in Greenwich

After finding the Futuro House near Rancocas, I learned there was a second in Greenwich – the same town where the Tea Party Monument is…. read more Futuro House in Greenwich

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Bonnie’s Bridge

Imagine having this on the side of your house. Located between 2 houses in Cherry Hill is a Revolution-era foot bridge, named Bonnie’s Bridge. It’s… read more Bonnie’s Bridge