NJ’s Smallest Registered Cemetery

After finding the Olde Stone House Village and doing some research, I found out nearby Bunker Hill Presbyterian is home to the smallest registered graveyard in the state. It has only 4 graves, 3 of which have stones. 2 were just about unreadable; one was faint but the name and some information were fairly easy to see. I don’t know where exactly the 4th grave is or why it’s unmarked.

Bunker Hill Presbyterian has a history of moving around. The original church is actually one of the Village’s buildings. The newer incarnation of the church was also moved from its original location, about a block away. The cemetery is still in its original place, next to the manse. The manse is now a private residence. The property is almost on top of the graves; as you can see, a small garden is less than 2 feet from the cemetery. The driveway leading to the graves horseshoes around to the house next door.

Author: Stu