Freeport’s Big Indian

Normally, I don’t bother with big roadside things. Coming from South Jersey, I’ve seen plenty of them and never saw the big deal. I mean, I had a dinosaur down the road while I was growing up; the only reason he (she?) is on the site is because that’s my hometown. I’ve passed by Mr. Bill, Mighty Joe the gorilla, the Muffler Men in Seaside, the giant cassette tape in Howell, and the Big Lady countless times, and they’ve yet to make an appearance on the site. I currently live a few miles away from a big friggin’ roadside cow, and I haven’t put that on the site yet either. So why this guy?

‘Cuz he’s damn huge.

I mean, this guy’s over 50′ tall. The base he’s standing on is almost as tall as me.
He is on the site because if all the big roadside things I just mentioned ever got into an all-out brawl, he would win.
Hands down.

…I suppose this means I now have to put all the other “big things” on the site.

Author: Stu