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Joe Mulliner’s Gravesite

Just about every Piney knows the name Joe Mulliner – the “Robin Hood of the Pines” – who robbed from the rich and, in theory,… read more Joe Mulliner’s Gravesite

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Shaler Grave

A lone grave sits alone not far from the infamous Indian Cabin Road. Its inscription says: Sacred To The Memory Of Mrs. Sibbel Shaler Consort… read more Shaler Grave

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Mount Misery Road

Here’s another road that gets more attention than it deserves due to its name. While I will agree Mt. Misery is a cool road to… read more Mount Misery Road

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Capone Place 2005

Since my last visit, they’ve added blocks to the top to give the building the castle appearance it had back in the day. I was… read more Capone Place 2005

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Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road is much like Clinton Road, except it sucks more. It’s a road with a scary name. Hide your virgins. In all… read more Shades of Death Road

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Hermitage Tunnel

Not too far from the Hermitage (a very old and historic house in northern NJ) is what appears to be a tunnel built into the… read more Hermitage Tunnel

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The Chair House

First visited 11/04 Photos from 8/05 Don’t really know much about this one; simply put, it’s a house with a chair on the very top… read more The Chair House

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Mercy Brown’s Grave

Mercy Brown is one of America’s most famous ‘vampires’. Her family had a long history of being killed by consumption, and Mercy was no exception…. read more Mercy Brown’s Grave