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Bushkill Falls

Stopped here while checking out potential towns to move to in PA. 9 bucks to hike around waterfalls….and they card you if you pay by… read more Bushkill Falls

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30,000 bats. And I managed to get a pic of 1. One. The cave at Hibernia houses roughly 30,000 bats. They’re supposed to make a… read more Hibernia

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Ringing Rocks

I was sent a link not too long ago for a small park in Bucks County, PA. It’s called Ringing Rocks because the rocks do… read more Ringing Rocks

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The Flume

Originally visited 10/03 Updated 10/05 The Flume is a gorge in Franconia State Park in New Hampshire. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it,… read more The Flume

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Forked River Mountains

On one of our doomed Bamber Boys’ Home searches, I stumbled across a backway into the Forked River Mountain Preserve. Trouble is, there are tons… read more Forked River Mountains