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Rock Garden of America

My mom moved to North Carolina a few years ago, and during my drive down to Ocean Isle Beach for vacation I decided to visit… read more Rock Garden of America

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Tri-States Monument

Although technically in 3 states, I’m gonna file this one under New York for 2 reasons. Nearly half the marker is in NY, so percentage-wise,… read more Tri-States Monument

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Fort Armistead

This place is trashed. It’s like the state said screw it and gave up maintaining the park. There’s tons of spray paint, the iron gates… read more Fort Armistead

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Antietam Battlefield

I’ll admit I know very little about this particular battle and have just recently begun reading about it. My interest in the Civil War has… read more Antietam Battlefield

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Army Ordnance Museum

How could I say no to 25 acres of tanks? The Army Ordnance Museum is home to roughly 240 tanks, all from different countries and… read more Army Ordnance Museum

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Maryland Trip/Elopement

Fort Armistead in Baltimore. We had talked about getting married for a while. She doesn’t like big groups; actually we’re both pretty anti-social. I don’t… read more Maryland Trip/Elopement

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Tahawus (Adirondak)

Tahawus, also known as Adirondak, has long been a goal of mine.  It was about a 6 hour drive to get from my house to… read more Tahawus (Adirondak)

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Hoffman Cemetery

This was an unexpected yet pleasant addition to our daytrip to the Adirondacks. This cemetery seems just about forgotten; some stones are starting to be… read more Hoffman Cemetery