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Sinkhole in the Ocean County Mall Parking Lot

Earlier this month, I got a call about a sinkhole in the parking lot of the Ocean County Mall. I was told a car was… read more Sinkhole in the Ocean County Mall Parking Lot

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Hut of The Gatherers

I got an email not too long ago about teepees in the woods in South Toms River (thanks, Andrew). I went and checked it out…. read more Hut of The Gatherers

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Lambert Castle

One of my friends has been telling me about Garrett Mountain for years. He had heard ghost stories of a castle that was on the… read more Lambert Castle

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Clinton Road

Clinton Road sucks. Basically, it’s a road with an old furnace (which has been called such ridiculous things as a Druid Pyramid), a bridge with… read more Clinton Road

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The Capone Place 2003

Man, are there rumors about this place. Now Crystal Lake Health Care & Rehabilitation, this was the Royal Pines Hotel back in the 20’s. You… read more The Capone Place 2003

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Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

I teamed up with some people in North Jersey to check out this place. None of are sure what the building was for… guy thought… read more Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

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The Jacksons’ House

I was surprised to find out this house is just blocks away from me; I heard about it from a coworker. He said he was… read more The Jacksons’ House

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Originally visited 5/03 New pics from New Year’s Eve ’06 I originally went to Centralia back in May of ’03 with some of the fine… read more Centralia