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Hampton Furnace after controlled fire

We decided to go geocaching around Hampton Furnace and Carranza Road. Upon reaching the furnace site, we noticed there had been a fire recently. The… read more Hampton Furnace after controlled fire

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Jimmy Byrnes Sea Girt Inn Ruins

I had read about remnants of a hotel on the side of Rt. 71 in Sea Girt, next to Wreck Pond. I was geocaching in… read more Jimmy Byrnes Sea Girt Inn Ruins

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Union Clay Works & Cemetery

Clay Works pics from Spring ’05 & 11/05 Graves pics from 11/05 Next to nothing is left of Union Clay Works, which is well hidden… read more Union Clay Works & Cemetery

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Stone Iron Furnace

We noticed this while visiting The Flume for the 2nd time. These ruins are of a stone iron furnace, the last of its kind in… read more Stone Iron Furnace

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Federal Hill

*Note* This is not yet a complete trip. We could not find the fabled “Iron Door.” Federal Hill was a lookout for Continental soldiers during… read more Federal Hill

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30,000 bats. And I managed to get a pic of 1. One. The cave at Hibernia houses roughly 30,000 bats. They’re supposed to make a… read more Hibernia

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Smithville was a factory town founded by Hezekiah B. Smith in the 1860’s and lasted until the 1920’s. What makes this town stand out from… read more Smithville

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“The Stinkhouse” – Abandoned Fish Factory

Just offshore of Mystic Island is an island with an abandoned fish factory on it. Some people refer to it as “The Stinkhouse” because of… read more “The Stinkhouse” – Abandoned Fish Factory